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Monthly Archives: January 2010

I Love Books

I love books. Opportunities for uninterrupted reading in my life are limited. It seems I have stacks of books, newspapers and magazines everywhere. I even get excited when I travel by airplane – I get on the plane carrying a … Continue reading

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A Few of My Favorite Things . . . Today’s List

Here are my favorite things from today. 1. Blushing. Definition: Speaking publicly with my sister at lunchtime and watching both of us become so passionate that different parts of our faces become reddened. (My cheeks, her neck.) 2. Art. Description: … Continue reading

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Colors of Winter

I have said for years that snow makes the Midwest much prettier in winter. The other three seasons of the year are beyond pretty in and around Kansas City, but winter can be gray, brown, bleak and dismal without the … Continue reading

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Angel Mine

At work things get broken. Some break in the store, and others break in transit. A basic fact of retail life. This angel, which you can’t see entirely, had a wing broken on the way to stuff. She holds a … Continue reading

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My Christmas Break

It came to me last Tuesday night – a full week into January – that I was finally on Christmas Break. I was sitting on my sofa reading How the Grinch Stole Christmas with my niece before bedtime, and it … Continue reading

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