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It’s All In The Details

Casey and I would never knowingly put someone on a pedestal. The view can skew your perception; the fall can be perilous, and it can make you a target. That said… Last week we held a private party at stuff … Continue reading

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These images from Veranda Magazine this month got me thinking. Not just that I love the Zulu wire work, which I do. It got me thinking about collecting and about the fact that I collected items when I was younger … Continue reading

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Happy Handbag

We recently held our first ever essay contest at stuff. We thought it would be a great way to have some fun and hear stories from our customers. I believe our store is a special place. I hear about people’s … Continue reading

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I swam on Monday in a deep blue pool and realized, like I do every summer, that I was home. It was my first time in deep blue this year, and I was in heaven. I splashed with my niece … Continue reading

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To Covet, Not To Envy

I gave up on envying hair and hair styles when I stopped paying for very smelly perms that I thought would make me look like Andi McDowell. Twenty years have passed since I tried curly hair, and I’ve managed without … Continue reading

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