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I have spent a lifetime on boats. My parents both speak with a starry look in their eyes of me as a four-week-old in a basket on the floor of their speedboat and out of the sun for hours at … Continue reading

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Church on Sunday

When I was a child, there was a billboard on Highway 50 near the Catholic church in Tipton, Missouri, that stated, “A family that prays together stays together.” It showed the Madonna and child, and, I believe, her hands were folded in prayer. I’ve never really forgotten it – great sky, spiking rays of sunshine, billowing clouds. It may be gone now; I don’t know. Today heralded a gorgeous blue sky much like that billboard from long ago,… Continue reading

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Artistic Ability

I reviewed these photos when they came in an e-mail today, and my initial comment to my sister was, “Geesh. It bothers me deeply that he has no talent.” Total tongue in cheek on my part, because I was stupefied and felt tied to my chair in amazement. But my soul was soaring…. Continue reading

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