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I am hopelessly in love with jewelry. It wouldn’t be fair to say I have a favorite jewelry artist, since looking at my dresser top filled with a mess of this past week’s choices tossed in a clump – all … Continue reading

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Thankful for the Dream

Two little girls, many years ago, decided to play office. They set up shop right there in the warmth and security of their grandparents’ basement. They had everything they needed: phones, paper, pencils and support staff. Our grandmother played along … Continue reading

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Leaving Mid-Missouri

The tethers that held me to the middle part of Missouri, my home state, totally broke last Friday. They’ve been straining as the family has contracted with each funeral, home sale, downsizing and move. Starting five years ago, I have … Continue reading

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The past few weeks, I have been listening to – and haunted by – a song from Wynonna Judd titled “Flies On The Butter”. It is a masterpiece of country music, not only in the story line but in her … Continue reading

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