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Peace on Earth

I have been wrestling with the issue of peace for over two weeks. Quietly and to myself in the few minutes of alone time I carved out of a rich and full life. At first I was troubled that I … Continue reading

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Quirks & All

It is finally Christmas Eve, and we are snuggled in at Sloane’s home. We closed the store at 5:00 today, and the last two gifts we sold were to two different young men for their grandmothers. The day was filled … Continue reading

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Big Yellow Bus

On Thanksgiving my daughter made me this drawing. It makes me happy. SHARE THIS: FOLLOW US:

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Fair Weather Fan

I am a “fan of fair weather” – as opposed to being a “fair weather fan”. Being a “fan of fair weather” means I spend winter dreading getting out of the house. It means I bitch incessantly when putting on boots. … Continue reading

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I May Need an Intervention

Oh crap. I’ve turned into one of those people who can’t throw away a poinsettia plant in May when the lack of watering and general bad air in the office has ruined whatever lustre there was to the plant. When … Continue reading

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Fearless Ability

I envy my niece her artistic talent. Yep. I’m 45 and she’s 5 and I envy her this trait. Several weeks ago, while she was at stuff for all of 5.3 seconds between activities, she found a balloon left over from … Continue reading

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It started just this past weekend, the holiday social season for my husband and me. I always enjoy it very much. Except the one part that crept in several years ago: the whispered and sad timbre that people employ when … Continue reading

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