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Road Side Attraction

I would like to be here… or here… right now. SHARE THIS: FOLLOW US:

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I did not have the best day on Friday. Nothing bad happened directly to me. I just never caught my breath or reached my stride. I did not accomplish what I set out to do, and, by the time I … Continue reading

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Horn Tooting

I haven’t always worked in retail. It is really, in business jargon, my second career. A career that I love, warts and all. Previous to this stellar gig and after a short college career, I worked for a small advertising … Continue reading

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Into the Wild

This morning we had a mag-a-lanche in our office. The pile of magazines I keep stacked next to my desk slid over and made it impossible for us to get in and out of our office. Something had to be … Continue reading

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Books by Color

I am in desperate need of bookshelves. My daughter and I have stacks of books everywhere. You can’t pass through the house with your arms full because you are guaranteed to fall over a stack of books. (Of course, if … Continue reading

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The F-Bomb

I wrote a blog a couple days ago and I dropped the f-bomb. So, to clear things up I wanted to say… Yes, I dropped the f-bomb. Yes, I will drop the f-bomb again very soon. My mother always told … Continue reading

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The first few days of each New Year, I always look for “signs” about my upcoming year. I can’t help myself. Everyone is talking about resolutions and renewed commitments. I tend to wait for a message that will set the … Continue reading

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Out With the Old

Two weeks before Christmas, the TV refused to turn on. And, yes, I consulted our in-house computer and electronics guru and, after testing all the connections – the plug, the wall outlet, the remote, the batteries, the video connections and … Continue reading

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