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Night Swim

I dream BIG (day and night). One of the challenges of my work is “downsizing” my ideas. So it doesn’t surprise me that sculptor Richard Serra‘s work has me distracted this week. I watched a segment of art: 21 about … Continue reading

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My husband has a unique name: Harl A. Van Deursen. When we married, I did not take his name. I liked my name just the way it was, and, to this day, he will tell you he wishes he had … Continue reading

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Peg Board

We are drafting the plans for our new meeting room, framing studio and merchandise staging area at STUFF. I am so excited to report that we will be getting peg board walls in some areas. I have always admired Julia … Continue reading

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The Big Time

This past week while we were in New York City, we ran into a friend from home in one of the long aisles at the convention center. There it was. A rack of Zippernut Press cards. So pretty. So tall. … Continue reading

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I am trying to find beauty in my day. I am not a winter person. I am an ocean girl. But I am starting to like snow. I think I have discovered one reason why. Note: I found these images … Continue reading

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