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Fish Tacos

I am craving fish tacos. And, for the life of me I have never found a good recipe to make them at home. I need your help. If you have a great recipe or tips for homemade fish tacos I … Continue reading

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Split Personality

I was told that living with a teenager is like living with multiple people in one body. Mothers of girls say it’s worse than with boys. I can only speakĀ of the young man I’m living with right now. Well, I … Continue reading

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You Are Here

I am spending the week on a beach with my daughter, my father and my step-mom. It is bliss. After the winter Kansas City experienced I need a break. And my daughter does too. Today I went for a long … Continue reading

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Rain Boots

I really, really, really want these boots. And, it is raining a bunch this week, so I think I could justify the purchase. But, I am on a very tight budget this month so I will have to put them … Continue reading

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Fed Up

I’m breaking down. I’m worn slick. I can’t take another minute. I’m fed up. The sun needs to come out now and stay out for more than 5 minutes. My vitamin D is lacking, and I am a shade of … Continue reading

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In Retreat

Sloane and I are in an Internet retreat learning fabulous tips and tricks for our blog posts. We know you will be very impressed with our new skills. Okay, not really, you probably won’t notice anything, but please feel free … Continue reading

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One evening last winter – not the one that ended yesterday when the sun rose in its glory, but the winter of 2009-2010 – I was sitting in my darkened office at STUFF. I like working at night when the … Continue reading

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