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Button Pusher

We all know how to push the buttons of the ones we love. We push them to elicit a response, to incite a riot, to ignite a discussion. You pick it. We’ve all done it.

I spent this past weekend in Denver visiting my husband’s family and catching STUFF’s new buttons in action in the Mile High City. I never pushed these little cuties on anyone, but they were a point of conversation with several strangers.

Here’s what Denver looks like when you’re 1-inch tall.


Just last week, Casey and I started placing jars of these little hotties all around Kansas City in our favorite locally owned eateries. They have been wildly popular, and as I was leaving one restaurant tonight – after refilling the jar – I was stopped and asked for 6 buttons. The woman wanted me to know exactly who would be wearing them  – her sister, her mother, etc. We talked about them briefly, and she went on with her evening.


I guess that makes me a button pusher. We really are wanting to start a riot, elicit responses, and ignite discussions. To pursue good stuff is to look for what’s good in life – emotions, foods, places, things, people, charities, events, you name it – and flourish there.


 p.s.  I need to thank my trusty assistants – my husband and my son – for their help with the camera when I wasn’t wearing my readers. For clarification purposes only, I’m a Tanqueray girl and the Smirnoff bottle was found by my nieces in the courtyard of our B&B. All contents of the mini bottle had been previously consumed.

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