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Into the Wild

This morning we had a mag-a-lanche in our office. The pile of magazines I keep stacked next to my desk slid over and made it impossible for us to get in and out of our office. Something had to be done.

My sister, Sloane, and I share magazines. The mags she passes to me are often sprinkled with post-its that point out “don’t miss” finds or interesting articles. I do the same to her in reverse. As I worked my way through the pile this morning – digging my way out of our office – I peeked at a few tempting stickies popping out.

This treasure was marked in a Veranda issue from months ago. This gecko bracelet by Chopard’s is going on my “must have one day” list immediately. It makes me wish I was dating a fantastically romantic guy who was smart, witty, responsible and fabulously rich so I could I slip this hint into his dresser drawer for Valentine’s Day.

Maybe next year?


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4 Responses to Into the Wild

  1. Wendy says:

    Were the f-bombs flying amidst the debris from the mag-a-lanche??!!!!

    If entrance/exit to my office was blocked, I would take that as a sign that it was not a day to be working.

    • Casey says:

      ha! you are getting to know me so well. wish i would have thought about the no work option. i need to step up my game.

  2. Geri Wurth says:

    You guys are TOO funny! I love the gecko (?) bracelet, too.

    • Casey says:

      Isn’t is flat out fantastic…the bracelet that is. Laughter keeps us going, glad you like laughing with us (and at us…we are comfortable with that too).

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