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The F-Bomb

I wrote a blog a couple days ago and I dropped the f-bomb. So, to clear things up I wanted to say…

Yes, I dropped the f-bomb.
Yes, I will drop the f-bomb again very soon.

My mother always told me there are no “bad” words, just powerful words.

Thanks Mom.


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3 Responses to The F-Bomb

  1. Laura Samenus says:

    I loved that you dropped the F-bomb in your last blog. It was completely appropriate.
    Our dad always said we could say any word as long as we knew what it meant. …. not entirely empowering advice. Your mom is a wise woman who has empowered us all.
    Keep on, keepin’ on Casey! Love your blogs … and that Sawyer is “top drawer” … like her Mama. I love watching your adventures unfold with your posts and pics on FB. Happy 2011, Casey. xo Laura

    • Casey says:

      laura…i remember katy and i comparing our language rules at home. i loved your parents take. it makes perfect sense.
      i enjoy watch your charlie grow and smile. he is such a cutie pie. hugs to everyone.

  2. Cathleen Taylor-Osborne says:

    My husband and I often recall George Carlin’s bit on the f-word and how many ways it can be inserted into a word, sentence, phrase, etc.etc!!! You go, girl!:)

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