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They Should Have a Sign for That

I am beginning to almost embarrass my family with the camera I carry in my purse. I whip it out for the semi-serious family shots, but mostly I’m trying to capture things to not forget. The color of something. The mood of a moment. Whatever catches my eye. Continue reading

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Writing Lessons

Last night I started a journey towards improving my writing. I recently joined a small band of women who will meet weekly and work on each other’s projects of the pen. Continue reading

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Turning Blue

Today I exhaled. It took a trip to Houston – and good news – to realize that I had been holding my breath for a year. And I had been turning blue.

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Not My First Rodeo

Last week I went to my niece’s art fair at her school. It is for the students in grades K thru 8, and it encompasses all pieces from their year in art class. Continue reading

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