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In the deeply gathering dusk a few nights ago, I stood in a small group of women and discussed the concepts of leaving. Of children leaving home for college. Of friends and their families leaving for different cities.

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Below you will find evidence that I have an amazingly smart, witty and loving family. It is also evidence that they are crazy. Continue reading

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Instagram #1

I am totally hooked on Instagram. I am a visual person. I guess that is pretty obvious to anyone who has been to STUFF or has ever met me. So, I believe Instagram was made for… Continue reading

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Heart of a Champion

Today we learned that one of our amazing artists – Lori Hale – passed. Continue reading

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Red Skirt

I want this skirt… Continue reading

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I tore this image from a magazine last week. Sadly, I don’t remember which magazine, so I can’t give credit to them for featuring this nifty room. Continue reading

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They Should Have Six Signs For That

My sister Casey and I spent some time this morning at work writing the fine print for an upcoming giveaway. We tried to write it using as few words as possible, but it is never few enough for me. Continue reading

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