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Below you will find evidence that I have an amazingly smart and witty family. It is also evidence that they are crazy. Warning: You may not want to be drinking hot coffee when you get to the end.

Cast of Characters:

Cathryn Simmons – my mother – who co-owns a local soap company.

Sloane Simmons – my sister – and co-owner of STUFF (with me).

Lori Buntin – artist at STUFF and co-owner of the soap company.

Harl Van Deursen – my brother in-law – Sloane’s husband and our tech guru at STUFF.

Dakota Van Deursen – my nephew – Sloane’s and Harl’s son.






 I am sure this all for the betterment of my life.


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3 Responses to Betterment

  1. You should never spit coffee near the keyboard. Harl, the tech guru, will have your butt for that one.

  2. ahhh, the simmons clan……and we (i consider myself an honorary simmons at times) have been experiencing the harl dynamic since 84?

    oh lord.

    how about DYNO’MENT?

  3. Emily says:

    LOL. That is too awesome! What a wonderful family you’re blessed with!!! 😀

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