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Pursuing Good Stuff

Yep. It’s what I do. I truly pursue good stuff every day. On our recent trip to Colorado, I used one of our little buttons to remind me of what is fun and makes my life a bit more exciting.

And I also use these opportunities to brush up on my skills in the photographic arts with my Canon PowerShot SD1300 IS. I’m all over that sweet action.

This thistle and aster combination was lovely at breakfast. And tiny.


The rest stops in Kansas leave much to be desired. However, when you gotta go….


Right outside our room the day after the region’s first rain in a long time. This was one of many mushrooms that popped up and wilted by day’s end.


My son helped with the art direction on this shot. He was in charge of placement.


I loved the button against the texture of the bedspread in our room. Yes, we actually needed a bespread at night in Colorado!


I love to drive, and my husband caught this shot. I love how the turquoise in the necklace makes the pin seem bluer.


I’m a driving machine. The steering wheel was my friend for 11 hours over and 11 hours back.


Pursuing good stuff can take it out of me. But these three put it right back!


p.s. If you want to see last year’s Pursue Good Stuff pin on the road – once with Casey and once with me – click here and here.

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  1. OMG…look at those kids. Dakota is soooo tall. And, the girls are soooo beautiful. Loved the photos. From Florida…where I am in pursuit of good stuff too. – Casey

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