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They Should Have Six Signs For That

My sister Casey and I spent some time this morning at work writing the fine print for an upcoming giveaway. We tried to write it using as few words as possible, but it is never few enough for me. “Lawyer speak” steps in and before you know it, you’ve written 100 words to give one great thing away.

In my previous post, I shared a few signs that made me happy or smile. These signs – spotted after lunch today – just cracked me up. I guess whoever placed them there thought six signs could tell the story so much better than just one concise one.

It’s a struggle. I know.


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2 Responses to They Should Have Six Signs For That

  1. next time i am in the city, i will take a picture of the multiple parking signs in one place.

    • Sloane says:

      p. claire: I would love to see your photos. I can only imagine what NYC does for signage. Heck the ones I posted were from a private lot! – sloane

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