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Body Lotion, Cling Wrap and Chapstick Walk Into A Bar…


I think I’m ready to talk about this.



On the premise that we all turn into our parents and grandparents, I have decided that I might most be like my dad’s dad, who saved old, used, no-longer-lightable light bulbs in cardboard boxes in his workshop. Or I might be like my mom’s dad, who used the very last of the Chapstick by digging out the remaining wax magic with a Q-tip and then proceeding with the application process in private.

Yep. That’s who I am most like. Cal Price.

I have used the same body lotion for over 30 years. Vaseline Intensive Care in the jumbo container with the pump. I have very sensitive skin, and I can’t just jump willy-nilly from brand to brand, or I will end up at the dermatologist with the rash to end all rashes. Been there, done that.

I will admit to using specialty lotions on elbows, ankles and kneecaps – Soaplogies shea butter in the lavender scent – but, on the whole, I am a Vaseline girl. I have lived through the scent changes, bottle re-designs, and various other attempts by them to knock me off course. But I’ve stayed true.

Even through this last bottle re-design where there is over TWO INCHES of lotion left in the bottom of the plastic bottle when the last squirt has been eased from the pump. It seems like the well is dry when in fact it is not!

So I have taken to using our serrated bread knife to saw through the plastic bottle – tossing the top in the recycle bin and the pump in the trash bin – and going after the lotion with my fingertips. There is usually several weeks of lotion remaining for use, and I just have to removed the very fancy – designed by me for easy access! – Cling Wrap topper for daily use.

I was too embarrassed to show the fancy plastic wrap lid in the photo above. I do have my principles.

Just like my grandfather who kept the Q-tips and old Chapstick tube in his bathroom drawer while the new Chapstick tube rode in his pocket with his change.


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11 Responses to Body Lotion, Cling Wrap and Chapstick Walk Into A Bar…

  1. Jen says:

    I know! It is so annoying that you can’t get to the bottom of the bottle. I haven’t yet resorted to cutting the bottle in half…I usually just take out the pump when I want it an pound the bottle against my palm to get the lotion out. I might have to try your idea though. We could make millions if we just thought of a better lotion dispenser together!

    • Sloane says:


      This bottle is too big to pound and there is so much in there!

      The moves you use are ones I’ve used in the past on little bottles of Vaseline Intensive Care that used to be the lotion in the little bottles at Holiday Inns. Now those sweet babies lived in my purse and were refilled until the plastic gave out! We’re talkin’ years and years…

      One Earth. We’ve got this one Earth and I am doing my part … right down to not wasting lotion! : )

      Pursue good stuff and have a great holiday season!


  2. Teresa says:

    You’re a woman after my own heart! I’ve used Vaseline Intensive Care for years. It’s fragrance-free, doesn’t irriate, and feels great on – not greasy. I’ve tried others, but they either have too much perfume or feel icky on your skin. And cutting the bottle open to get to the last dregs of lotion? Always!! I can’t imagine tossing the bottle with that much of the good stuff in it. I do that with all my bottles, AND I do the same as your grandfather did with my chapstick!

    Happy Holidays to you and Casey!

    • Sloane says:


      Thank you for reading our blogs and for being just like me! I had a customer today ask me what I do with the empty bottom of the bottle – like this would stump me! – and I told them I recycle it of course.

      We are all in this together and I TOTALLY agree on the other lotion thing. Besides my allergy/rash issue, when I’ve tried other lotions, they leave me running back to my favorite.

      Have the happiest of holidays!


  3. Karen Hartzler says:

    I do the same thing!! My college-age daughter likes to say, “what, were you raised in the Depression?” but I don’t care, waste not, want not. It makes me feel smart and thrifty. I admit, however, that I do not mold the little slivers of bar soap together like my grandmother did, but when they get so small they slip through the shower caddy, in the trash they go.

    • Sloane says:


      I do not do the soap thing either. That always was a bit weird to me. But, as I age I notice that weird is a relative thing…

      Thank you for reading our blog. Have happy holidays.

      – sloane

  4. Carol Johnston says:

    I can totally identify. I must be your grandpa ….

  5. Dea Varner says:

    I recently purchased the “Spatty” and “Spatty Daddy” to try and get the last precious drops out of my lotion bottles, but alas, they still made the spatula end too wide… so at the moment I am still turning the bottle upside down to try and shake as much out as I can.. but I love your idea of cutting the bottle in half… gonna do it!!!… I also love Vaseline Intensive Care… the aloe vera one is my fav!!!! I take after my mother who was queen of reusing plastic bags… I wash ALL plastic bags and reuse them until the zippered closure no longer works on them.. drives the hubby nuts!!!! Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!

  6. Therese says:

    I too am a Vaseline girl and have been for years. One of my favorite things about it is the fact it is unscented. I even clip coupons for the lotion and buy them on sale. Your blog and the reply emails all prove you don’t have to pay super ridiculous prices to feel pampered. Thanks for sharing…. I always enjoy your blogs.

    • Sloane says:


      Thank you for reading our blogs. I must admit that putting other speciality lotions in with my Vaseline routine has been glorious. I can’t speak more highly of the locally made Soapologies Lavender shea lotion. (We sell it here at STUFF!) It is a miracle worker on dry spots and mixes well with Vaseline – no battling scents.

      Have the happiest holidays.

      – sloane

  7. Debbie Karwoski says:

    My solution is to turn the “not-yet-empty-but-won’t-pump-out-any-more” bottle upside down in a small bowl or tub. It will usually stay standing upright. Then I let it sit till the lotion drops down & then I can shake most of it out. Then I cover the bowl with the plastic wrap or put it into a small container with a lid.

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