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Winter is hard for me. Not because it is the opposite of summer, but because I am not a fan of socks. Ankle socks, knee socks, thigh-highs or tights. To me, all were made in the devil’s workshop.

For years I have tried to get around my trouble with socks by purchasing brightly-colored and patterned specimens. The thought was that they would make me happy and I would see beyond my issues. Several were made in Paris and made me feel a wee bit cosmopolitan, until I began to feel like I was heating up like a house afire. My all time favorites were made in Vermont and are bright, cotton, mismatched fantasies.


The current sock assortment.

My toes need to move. I need to feel cool air on my lower extremities. Things that bind feel like they are holding me back – never my favorite emotion. Suffocation starts to set in the minute fabric is pulled past my arch. The list goes on and on.

I have discussed this condition with my primary care doctor, and, after confirming nothing truly physical – internal or external – was causing this, I was again met with “the stare.” The look isn’t one where he is accusing me of mental health issues. The sight he rested on me pretty much said, “Just don’t wear socks.” Duh.

However, snow is the real problem, and it was easily mastered when I purchased my Frye boots with shearling lining last year. The boots tromp with me through the snow, and my bare feet are free to roam in cushy protection.

Now, don’t get me started on how lipstick makes me feel….


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4 Responses to Suffocation

  1. Jan Smoot says:

    I love my socks & your drawer strongly resembles mine! Love my Smart Wool socks & a few others with the colorful prints! The feet must be warm once it turns chilly! 🙂 My students got the biggest kick out of the various colors & patterns I would wear! Greatest thing that ever happened to socks was the addition of design & color to socks as far as I’m concerned! Sorry those beautiful socks make you uncomfortable during winter! Lol!

    • Sloane says:


      I agree with you on the advent of well designed socks! It has changed the game.

      I will wear those colorful friends … they will not be left in the basket all winter. Just looking at them on cold days at my ankles will make me smile. It’s kind of like making your own sunshine …

      Thank you for reading our blogs and for loving what STUFF does and stands for.

      – sloane

  2. Roxane says:

    My youngest son had a problem with socks also! Every morning it was a battle because they didn’t “feel” right. One day I even found him cutting the seam off which left him with tubes! After days of rearranging and false starts, success! We turned them inside out. Peace reigned!

    As for lipstick, I’ve never worn it and I never will. I can’t even give an excuse. It must be in my DNA!

    Thanks for sharing Sloane!

    • Sloane says:


      We may very well be soul sisters in the lipstick arena. Heck, even if you are a sock wearer we may be sisters!

      Thank you for reading our blogs and for believing in our dream business!

      Happy holidays.

      – sloane

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