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A Day Dream Made of Glass

I was shelling on a beach yesterday. I kept finding bits of plastic – a lid, part of a pail, a grocery sack – and it struck me, what would happen if manufacturers woke up one day and stopped making plastic items? Just simply stopped.

I am pretty sure that the world would not come to its demise. Actually, it may even slow our demise. Although the reports I read tell a grim tale of how it is too late.

I like my food, drinks and such in glass. It seems more civilized somehow. But, I am bit old fashioned.

It was a passing day dream. I kept walking in the waves picking up gifts of nature that I collect, take home and sort into glass jars.

Shell on Beach by Casey Simmons


PS. Any item needed in the medical world made from plastic makes sense. But, prescription bottles could be glass.

PPS. I have stated very clearly that when I die my shell collection should be returned to Mother Ocean (after my daughter chooses what to keep of course).

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6 Responses to A Day Dream Made of Glass

  1. Babs says:

    Love your thoughts! And I will try to use less plastic!

    • Casey says:

      I try to use less every day. It’s hard. Sometimes I just simply forget…it’s every where. I have made a habit of checking my shopping cart before I go to the check to see if there is anything I can switch for glass. And…I have even returned stuff later when I realize it is a plastic piece of junk that I bought in a moment of weakness. I haven’t figured out a way to avoid it completely…yet 🙂

  2. p. claire pertalion says:

    no, we would not shrivel up and die. we would have to make a little more effort in our daily lives by not having the convenience of plastic….but really, how hard would it to go back to paper in most things? i think straws should be one of the first things to go.

    or figure out a way to stamp a code on everything, so that we can hold people responsible for carelessly throwing away plastic.

    or can i just dope slap people that are living like they can throw everything out and just get new single use items?

    • Casey says:

      I think glass jars and paper would work great. And be more interesting. I love glass jars in all shapes and sizes!

  3. rachelle pulkkila says:


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