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My Sister Rocks

Yesterday my mood meter swung unexpectedly and quickly from blissfully happy to deeply sad in a matter of minutes. Everything is okay. As my grandmother used to say, “no one died today”. It is just another big bump in my relationships journey.

I spent the evening at dinner with my father and my step-mom. We spent four short hours together at a booth table in a restaurant. Eventually the entire staff gave up on us ever leaving and left us alone. It was wonderful. The night flew by and we were all shocked to discover four hours had passed so quickly. My Dad has always teased me about how much I talk. And, even asked me last night what it is like to have so much boundless energy. He then expressed a concerned – as parents will – that I find quiet time for myself. I reminded him that I live with a nine year old that goes to bed by 8:00pm each night. So, yes, I have plenty of quiet alone time and I get a bit excited when I get to be with adults. He smiled.

When I returned home I checked my computer. There was an email that stated that my sister had shared a pin on Pinterest with me.

I clicked on and this is what came up…

somedayI fell apart in a pool of tears. It was exactly what I needed. She knew that when she sent it. She knew I would cry. She knew it would wear me out and zap my boundless energy. And, she knew I would sleep the deep, heavy sleep that comes after an emotional release. I woke feeling groggy, but ready.

My sister rocks!



PS. I tried to find the original source of the image above, but sadly couldn’t. If you know the source, please let me know. I would like to give them credit for their words.

PSS. I am deeply blessed with a family that loves, accepts and celebrates me.

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5 Responses to My Sister Rocks

  1. S. Sloane Simmons says:

    Damn lucky to have you by my side, Casey Simmons. You’re welcome for the good night’s sleep. xoxo

  2. p. claire pertalion says:

    time for us to talk

  3. rachelle pulkkila says:

    Yes she does rock. In my observation you rock the sisto-meter pretty good too !

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