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Hearing Voices

On Monday, World AIDS Day, I accepted an award from the AIDS Service Foundation of Greater Kansas City – the Mark Dreiling Community Leadership Award – for twenty years of passion for the cause. In the days since, I have been asked by five people to publish my remarks. I can’t promise that these words were spoken verbatim, because I only wrote down “bones” for my comments, not a complete script.

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The Thick and The Thin

I have lived the last week with my eyes and my hands. My eyes and the hands of others. My hands holding the hands of others. In silence and in noise.

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I watched as the leaves truly curled their way to the limestone steps, the vine, the hosta leaves. They came down slowly in light that was just beginning to brighten.

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Quote Me

Sometimes, you just gotta put words together until they fit perfectly to your environment, emotions and life.

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Watery Silence

True silence was visited upon me that night. A slowly darkening night sky was mine to behold each time I smoothly crested the surface. Long, quiet minutes. An hour perhaps.

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It’s Our Differences

She says the card area would drive her crazy if she were in charge of it. Duh. I knew that before she ever said it.

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The Truth Hurts. Really.

Last week my son made me cry. One sentence, spoken in jest. A teenager taking a chance at pointed humor. It hit hard, I blinked back tears and left the kitchen. A whole flight of stairs and a retreat to my bed didn’t save me from feeling bad.

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To Each Their Own

I remember the day my grandmother asked me to take her to New York City. By the end of our second abbreviated conversation that day, she all but said she wanted me and my husband to join her in “the biggest city I’ll ever set foot in.”

I’m not a fool. We went to New York.

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Boxed In

There are certain times of the year when the days move so fast and every day is so crammed full that a calendar – on paper or screen – can’t contain or corral it. Each and every day has a little extra task in it brought to me by my child.

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Crying Mercy

Two days ago, I cried mercy. This blog has started a little more dramatically than I intended. It was two days ago when I realized that my dual-self-employed-only-child-in-his-junior-year household was not going to get its spring yard work done.

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