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Easing Back

When the new parameters for my behavior with shopping carts was agreed to by both parties, I instituted them on the very next visit, which was last Friday. Continue reading

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I Miss Snow

I do. I miss snow. Writing those three words, I can only imagine what the polar bears would write if they had a blog. Continue reading

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Rest In Peace

School photos? Unruly cowlick? He cut my hair until my fifty-first year. No one else did. Not ever in all those years. Not even when I moved whole states away. Continue reading

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Once A Year

Today is World AIDS Day. It is a bit of a high holy day for me. I take serious time to think about what my commitment to the AIDS battle is … Continue reading

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One Of The Days I Went Crazy

Many were the days when I pushed my young man too far and crammed him into the car seat one too many times. To appease him and soothe his crankiness, I played Disney music. He loved it with his every fiber. Continue reading

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Wearing It

This past week has been crazy busy. And crazy. Continue reading

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She Was Seventy Feet Tall

I looked up that day into the far distant branches of the tree above him and noticed I could see more of the sky than ever. The leaves seemed smaller, and the branches less full. Continue reading

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Carrying The Beauty With Me

I glared at her with eyes that reminded her that I was the boss of me, not her. Continue reading

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Hands Free Existence

I am afraid of missing what’s right in front of me – my friends, my loves, curious strangers, the familiar, the unknown – because my face is buried in a screen and fidgeting with buttons and prompts. Continue reading

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What Luxury Is To Me

The musings of others ran from serious to humorous, insightful to flippant. I loved reading every word. These were my people on my planet in this epoch. Continue reading

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