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Never Just Chairs

When stripped of their cushions and placed seat to seat, these chairs were a houseboat that could hold all three of us on the coursing river – the Persian rug – as we moved downstream. Continue reading

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Going Backwards

We talked of going back outside in slightly wilted tones – rare for us. We had just come in from the 95-degree day that was blasting with sunshine in a clear blue sky. We were drying off by sitting still. Continue reading

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About A Trash Can

This is a story about a trash can. Not the slow realization that I will never be a patient patient. Continue reading

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I want to be able to look back – even if over just a few months or years – and see us. Us as we are. Us as we were. Continue reading

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Three Hours and Forty Years

Last Friday took me three hours down the road from my home and forty years back in time. Continue reading

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The Whole World Nicer

He was silent as he continued to stare at me. Deeply and for almost a full minute. He was taking me all in. I never broke his gaze. Continue reading

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Easing Back

When the new parameters for my behavior with shopping carts was agreed to by both parties, I instituted them on the very next visit, which was last Friday. Continue reading

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I Miss Snow

I do. I miss snow. Writing those three words, I can only imagine what the polar bears would write if they had a blog. Continue reading

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Rest In Peace

School photos? Unruly cowlick? He cut my hair until my fifty-first year. No one else did. Not ever in all those years. Not even when I moved whole states away. Continue reading

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Once A Year

Today is World AIDS Day. It is a bit of a high holy day for me. I take serious time to think about what my commitment to the AIDS battle is … Continue reading

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