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Motherhood & Game of Thrones

I want to believe that if a hater comes to end my life or the lives of those I love, it will be like the distant past – like ‘Game of Thrones’. I want to believe that I will see them coming.

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One Night Stand

I had a wonderful Saturday night. Friends everywhere, drinks easily at hand, conversation that stimulated, outfits and costumes befitting a ‘black & white masquerade’, kisses, stolen glances, and little nibbles of food too delicious for plates. I am lucky. I know it.

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This past weekend I sat in the sun. I was yearning for the effects of naturally obtained vitamin D. The same crazy yearning and reaching is happening inside the house as well.

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I am not a conspiracy theorist. I am not a pessimist. I do not dwell on negative thoughts. However, I am being challenged on most of these positions.

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Most Important Job

There are work days that are so cut up – with meetings, events, and activities – that at the end of the day I look back in wonder. Wonder at what actually got done and what was left to be tackled later. Yesterday was one of those days for me and my rich, full life. And the most important job I had yesterday was in a rainforest.

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Grown *ss Man

Lately my son has been telling me, “Woman, I am a grown ass man, and I don’t need you tellin’ me what to do!” He even kicks in with a little bit of a drawl delivering it.

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Cousins & Hairdos

I do not envy my son the following things: youth, thick hair, brainpower, speed, agility. Or even his dry, quiet humor. I do, however, envy him his cousins.

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When I’m Done, I Share

My Dad really doesn’t like the sound of Garrison Keillor’s voice. I guess it’s pretty much like me being scared out of my wits by Christopher Walken’s voice. Heck, the whole Christopher Walken, really.

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Around The World

My friend went to Africa and I got these photos. Works for me. No jet lag.

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Friendships That Bloom

There has not really been one part of growing older that has been bad for me. What I have liked the most is building friendships with people older than me. These friendships bloom after time has passed, if you’re lucky.

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