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I have tried traditional meditation on and off. It’s neither that I don’t like the “voice” on the apps I’ve chosen nor that I can’t find my quiet. It’s that I don’t want to be led. Continue reading

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Catching Flak

Where the flak is launched from is Harl and Dakota, my husband and my son. They hear me kvetch, and they listen to me rave. Continue reading

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Thirty Five Years Down The Trail

I was raised to believe that women and girls can do anything. I still believe that and pass it on to women far younger than me. If you say you can’t, then you’ve set yourself up for failure. If you say you will give it your best, you’re more than halfway there. Continue reading

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Knee High to a Grasshopper

I will never forget him standing there mesmerized at the glass of a fully-lit vintage jewelry case. Quiet. Arms by his sides. Eyes bright. I took a moment to really watch him. Continue reading

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One Night Life

I like this one night lifestyle. Magic happens. Continue reading

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Time To ‘Fess Up

Yesterday, like most days since our son left for college, I did not want to go to the grocery store. We needed very little, and truly I believed they were all things we could do without for the rest of our lives. Continue reading

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Fully Outfitted

One of the upsides to getting a new used car is the act of cleaning out the old car and deciding who you are going to be in the new car. I’m going to be with Roscoe. Continue reading

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Standing Alone

Today, much like a day months before that, I sat by myself while a family member stood alone to protect all that she holds dear. It has been over 20 years since I stood in a court room alone; the last time I was alone in a hospital bed, they handed me a baby of my own. Continue reading

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Missing Persons

I am not a total slacker. I decorated for Christmas. Admittedly, the other holidays are seeing a marked reduction in decoration of the home. Continue reading

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He Would Have Been Horrified

Rain was changing to snow. The temperature had dropped fifteen degrees in less than an hour. It was dark. We were still two hours from home. The highway I was on was familiar but not memorized. I was not wearing socks. Continue reading

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