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A Day Dream Made of Glass

I was shelling on a beach yesterday. I kept finding bits of plastic – a lid, part of a pail, a grocery sack – and it struck me, what would happen Continue reading

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Singularly Lovely

I read Vogue magazine every month. I like to get my fashion mixed with a bit of substance. Continue reading

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Point of Pride

For the last 14 years, I have volunteered on an outreach, education and fundraising project for AIDS Walk Kansas City. And for the past 10 years, STUFF has been a corporate sponsor along with amazing small companies and businesses in Kansas City of the Mosaic Project. Continue reading

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Sculptor Fred Conlon is just a Big Kid at Heart

Fred Conlon is a comic genius. Seriously…check out these new pieces… Continue reading

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New Works Arrive by Catherine Weitzman

Today I was thrilled to take photos of new Catherine Weitzman pieces. Her work is incredible. She lives in Hawaii. (Yes, I am jealous.)… Continue reading

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Packing It All Away

I was packing the last two boxes of holiday decorations. I save the packing of the ornaments for last. They usually come off the trees on a Sunday, migrate to the dining room table for removal of the hooks, and, a few days later, I start putting them back into the tissue paper they hailed from just a month and a half before.

Continue reading

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Instagram #5 – New York City

New York City is different than any of the other places I travel. It has a hum… Continue reading

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Instagram #1

I am totally hooked on Instagram. I am a visual person. I guess that is pretty obvious to anyone who has been to STUFF or has ever met me. So, I believe Instagram was made for… Continue reading

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Red Skirt

I want this skirt… Continue reading

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I tore this image from a magazine last week. Sadly, I don’t remember which magazine, so I can’t give credit to them for featuring this nifty room. Continue reading

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