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The Thick and The Thin

I have lived the last week with my eyes and my hands. My eyes and the hands of others. My hands holding the hands of others. In silence and in noise. Continue reading

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Motherhood & Game of Thrones

I want to believe that if a hater comes to end my life or the lives of those I love, it will be like the distant past – like ‘Game of Thrones’. I want to believe that I will see them coming. Continue reading

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Forever Haunted

I will forever be haunted by this photo of garment factory workers in Bangladesh. I had an early hand in their death. Continue reading

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A Prime Minister, a Secretary of State and a Retailer Walk Into a Bar

I have had mixed emotions since learning of Margaret Thatcher’s death. Continue reading

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Health and the Human Heart

Yesterday I walked into Truman Hospital for the first time in 16 years – since the night my youngest sister died with dignity in their care. I haven’t been ignoring the place. I just haven’t had a reason to stop in. Continue reading

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Packing It All Away

I was packing the last two boxes of holiday decorations. I save the packing of the ornaments for last. They usually come off the trees on a Sunday, migrate to the dining room table for removal of the hooks, and, a few days later, I start putting them back into the tissue paper they hailed from just a month and a half before.

Continue reading

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Power of Transference

I have never been one for morbid sensibilities. I don’t dwell in sadness, nor do I dabble in unwholesome thoughts. I am not gloomy. Continue reading

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Heart of a Champion

Today we learned that one of our amazing artists – Lori Hale – passed. Continue reading

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In Passing

Years ago I went to a funeral. The gentleman we were celebrating that day was someone I didn’t really know very well, and not too personally. Continue reading

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Goodbye Sweet Emma

Last night we said goodbye to sweet Emma. She passed peacefully surrounded by family with her head on my lap and my daughter’s arms wrapped around her. The room was full of our loving family. I am heartbroken today. So is my daughter. Continue reading

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