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We Went North for Spring Break

The final spot on the map, just a few months before he would be college bound. Sounded like a spring break trip made in heaven…by an only child with doting parents. Continue reading

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Care Team

My first email received today was from my son’s pediatrician’s office. Today, on my son’s eighteenth birthday. And the subject line stated: Continue reading

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Catching Myself Looking

I’m looking. Constantly. He probably knows it. Probably playing dumb for his mother’s sake. Continue reading

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Good Dog

One of our greatest joys is working each day with a dog in our office. Our little Chancey brings us happiness and warmth at the most unexpected times. He never shows frustration or impatience. He always has time to listen or to share a hug. He never complains. He is always cheerful. Continue reading

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Hearing Voices

On Monday, World AIDS Day, I accepted an award from the AIDS Service Foundation of Greater Kansas City – the Mark Dreiling Community Leadership Award – for twenty years of passion for the cause. In the days since, I have been asked by five people to publish my remarks. I can’t promise that these words were spoken verbatim, because I only wrote down “bones” for my comments, not a complete script. Continue reading

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You Are The Abundant Blessing

We have spent the past year with our eyes wide open and the desire for change in our hearts. It took Casey painting a quote on STUFF’s front glass to realize we have everything we want and have changed what we can. Colorful lives are what we lead every day. You are the abundant blessing for the artists we represent and the families we support. Continue reading

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Coming Of Age

It was wine night on my deck. Two good friends, a few bottles of wine and some snacks. I was ready for adult conversation. We were kid free. I was craving Continue reading

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The Truth Hurts. Really.

Last week my son made me cry. One sentence, spoken in jest. A teenager taking a chance at pointed humor. It hit hard, I blinked back tears and left the kitchen. A whole flight of stairs and a retreat to my bed didn’t save me from feeling bad. Continue reading

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My Sister Rocks

Yesterday my mood meter swung unexpectedly and quickly from blissfully happy to deeply sad in a matter of minutes. Continue reading

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To Each Their Own

I remember the day my grandmother asked me to take her to New York City. By the end of our second abbreviated conversation that day, she all but said she wanted me and my husband to join her in “the biggest city I’ll ever set foot in.”

I’m not a fool. We went to New York. Continue reading

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