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Catching Myself Looking

I’m looking. Constantly. He probably knows it. Probably playing dumb for his mother’s sake. Continue reading

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The Storm Passed

In recent months, I have been drowning in the flood of my own life. A “perfect storm” of work, parenting and volunteering put me on my knees. I had a plan. I really did. Continue reading

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Home Alone

God save me from my memories.

Tonight was a gift that has come along so seldom in the last 15 years that I was giddy with the possibilities. The husband at work for a client. The kid off at a dance and after parties.
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Big Trees are Magic

Friday morning I sat on my back deck and looked for places to plant a tree on our postage stamp lot in mid-town. Continue reading

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I tore this image from a magazine last week. Sadly, I don’t remember which magazine, so I can’t give credit to them for featuring this nifty room. Continue reading

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Turquoise Bedroom

I tore this page from the February issue of Spaces magazine. This room is too formal for my lifestyle and taste, but that color. Ohhhhhhh, that saturated color. I think the turquoise matted framed art is brilliant. And, if you look closely the … Continue reading

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Showcase Your Art

I like interior walls filled with art. I just rearranged the art in my own home. I created new collections that reflect some of the styles in this one-page article. Continue reading

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Bohemian Rhapsody

How extravagantly Bohemian eclectic. I envision myself traveling by ocean liner to buy a huge collection of these pieces and then return home. On the way back “across the pond”, my traveling companions and I will sit in a small grouping of … Continue reading

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New Digs

The beginning of the school year does not bring on the deep desire to sniff crayons or markers. It does not make me yearn for sweaters and boots. I don’t even want the cooler weather to drop down too soon. … Continue reading

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Organizational Freak

I am an organizational freak. I could spend days just organizing stuff. No joke. Ask anyone I know. I actually put my toothbrush back in the same exact spot everyday. This blessed gift (I am choosing to be positive about … Continue reading

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