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Unlucky in Love

I have never been lucky in love. I have written a collection of tragic love stories. They are heartbreaking because I love without limits. I throw myself into love wholly and completely. The crashes are devastating. Continue reading

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Finding Signs

Thus far, it has been a calm that comes from seeing something with new eyes and in a new way. Continue reading

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Pumpkin Spice

The picturesque mascot of all things fall makes me abundantly happy. Continue reading

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Never Just Chairs

When stripped of their cushions and placed seat to seat, these chairs were a houseboat that could hold all three of us on the coursing river – the Persian rug – as we moved downstream. Continue reading

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I want to be able to look back – even if over just a few months or years – and see us. Us as we are. Us as we were. Continue reading

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Three Hours and Forty Years

Last Friday took me three hours down the road from my home and forty years back in time. Continue reading

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Rest In Peace

School photos? Unruly cowlick? He cut my hair until my fifty-first year. No one else did. Not ever in all those years. Not even when I moved whole states away. Continue reading

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Truly Blessed

It isn’t hard for us to find reasons to be thankful. We are truly blessed. Yet some days it is harder than others. Sometimes the din of daily challenges drowns out the good in our lives. Continue reading

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Wearing It

This past week has been crazy busy. And crazy. Continue reading

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She Was Seventy Feet Tall

I looked up that day into the far distant branches of the tree above him and noticed I could see more of the sky than ever. The leaves seemed smaller, and the branches less full. Continue reading

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