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Personalized Small Business Consulting - creative brainstorming, creative jam sessions, and people not product thinking









Small Business Consulting,
Creative Brainstorming,
Creative Jam Sessions,
& People Not Product Thinking

with Sloane Simmons & Casey Simmons,
founders and co-owners of STUFF
and the PURSUE GOOD STUFF brand

After working together for over 25 years, we discovered that we have developed a strategy for reaching goals and solving problems using a creative approach that is quite different from that of other business owners. And, having shared our technique in response to many requests, we have introduced the thinking side of stuff with our business consulting.

STUFF offers consulting focused on breakthrough thinking. Sloane and Casey Simmons work in tandem with you or your group to energize your mind, break through mental obstacles, and help you develop a new way of thinking about stuff.

Small Business Consulting is for you, whether you are dreaming about starting a small business, you're in those first few years of creation, or you are a seasoned business owner. Sloane and Casey can consult with you on all aspects of small business ownership. Seeking the advice of experienced professionals to keep your project on a path of growth is invaluable. Click here to see our list of consulting topics. You select the theme and focus of each season. Many of our clients use us a couple of times a year to keep ideas fresh and to keep the momentum flowing in their business.

Creative Brainstorming is working with individuals and groups of no more than three people. These meetings are meant for creative quick-thinking. They are designed to break dead-end cyclical thinking. These sessions often "knock loose" stalled ideas.

Creative Jam Sessions are for groups of three to ten people. In these sessions, we bring high energy, fast-paced thinking exercises to the group - pushing each person to think faster, think harder, and dig deeper. This practice encourages free-flow thought, verbal exchange, collaborative thinking, and oppositional discussion. The session leaves individuals "jazzed" with thoughts, ideas and mental connections firing away.

People Not Product Thinking is a session designed to focus your company, group or organization on people not product. These sessions are fast-paced and energized. The exercises are designed to break down antiquated thinking and open new paths in thinking about marketing, company image, employee relations, community outreach, and much, much more. People Not Product Thinking can be applied to most divisions of an organization - both internal and external - and how they connect with customers, employees and/or the community.

Many years ago, we dedicated our business to people...not product, and it is our greatest pleasure to spend our days with this focus. These sessions expand on this basic principle: empowering people and organizations to keep this idea in the forefront of their decision making.

We encourage you to reach your own goals and to solve your own problems. All of our creative consulting is designed to empower you. Our sessions - big and small - are much like going to a gym for your mind. You come out energized, motivated and drained. It begins the process of training your mind to reach further and bend thought in different directions. And, just like physical exercise, you may want to re-visit your trainer every so often to stay in touch with your form, goals and achievements.

Your insight into "the business" was invaluable and appreciated.

I'm so grateful to you both for a fantastic event tonight! I learned SO much and will definitely be attending again!

I enjoyed the session. It was the little push I needed.

I did learn about why it is crucial to do a 5-yr./10-yr. plan, fundamentals of designing a business plan/exit plan, aligning vision with business plan, and overall - the perils and beauty of a successful small business.

- Chris L.

- Kelli S.

- Cindy B.

- Nancy W.


We, Sloane Simmons and Casey Simmons, work together because this is the way our minds work best. When we developed our Creative Brainstorming, we wanted to offer a valuable experience that gave individuals and groups thought-provoking stimuli and a path toward finding solutions. What we discovered is that our unique perspective, our creative energy, and our thought-provoking processes are at their best when we are together. In addition to being sisters, we have been working together for over 25 years - day in and day out. Our minds are very much intertwined - patterned to work best together and dovetailed to provide unique perspectives.

After 15 years in retail, we are proud to own an award-winning store that has stretched the boundaries of traditional galleries and retail stores, is recognized as one of the top stores in the country for selling handmade arts, is one of the top small businesses in Kansas City, has been honored for ethical practices, and is known for investing in the local community. It continues to humble us when these awards are given, because stuff doesn't strive for awards. We strive to operate an outstanding business, and we feel good about running a business that is judged on merits beyond financial success.

We have experience in the following areas:

  • artist representation
  • public relations
  • video scripting and production
  • community outreach programs
  • merchandising and display
  • developing brand recognition
  • personnel training
  • special event planning & implementation
  • flying banana brothers
  • small business human resources
  • staging retail window displays
  • team building principles
  • retail product development
  • fundraising
  • retail promotion development
  • organizational & crisis management
  • retail operations
  • small business management
  • inventory control
  • family business practices
  • wholesale buying practices and strategies
  • artist program management
  • business plan writing
  • interior design
  • color consulting
  • point-of-purchase system design
  • art education
  • trade show preparation
  • media and press relations
  • graphic design
  • web design
  • "green" business conversions
  • vendor relationship building
  • copywriting

In addition, both Sloane and Casey have experience in serving on not-for-profit boards and their sub-committees. Community involvement has been a keystone in both of our lives and in the life of our business.

Being sisters and business partners brings a whole different level of dedication to all that is important in business and interpersonal relations.

Privacy & Non-Disclosure

Discussions within Creative Brainstorming sessions can be secured by a privacy and non-disclosure agreement. This document would be signed during the first session; decisions on the need for this documentation will be made on a case-by-case basis. We believe that ideas can flow more freely when the groundwork has been laid with forthright honesty and integrity, and with the understanding that your private information will remain just that - private.


Please contact Sloane or Casey at 816-361-8222 or sloaneandcasey@pursuegoodstuff.com to obtain a cost for your session - or sessions.

In addition, check our on-line schedule of events and join us for a quickie Q&A Session to get a taste of what we are all about. These programs are offered randomly throughout the year and are usually $15 to $40 per person.

Small Business Laboratory: Questions & Answers Sessions
with Sloane and Casey Simmons

We encourage you to reach your own goals and to solve your own problems. All of our creative consulting is designed to empower you. Our sessions - big and small - are much like going to a science laboratory for your mind. You come out energized, motivated and drained. It begins the process of training your mind to reach further and bend thought in different directions. And, just like research in a laboratory, you may want to re-visit your experienced Lab Leaders every so often to stay grounded with your ideas, goals and achievements.

Labs are $35 per person per session. Each session is limiited to 8 clients. Call the store at 816-361-8222 to book your labs.