a store named STUFF and the PURSUE GOOD STUFF lifestyle started in 1996...pursue good stuff today!

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cruising to stuff...

STUFF is located
in the Brookside Shops
in Kansas City, Missouri,
on 63rd Street
between Wornall Road
and Brookside Boulevard.

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Find us on MapQuest or Google Maps.

Or call 816-361-8222 for directions.

Or just pull over and ask someone for directions. Just about everyone knows where we are!

A Store Named STUFF is a brick-and-mortar store in Kansas City.

PURSUE GOOD STUFF lifestyle items are sold to individual customers at STUFF every day.

Wholesale PURSUE GOOD STUFF lifestyle items are sold to other retailers from our offices in Kansas City. To contact our wholesale division, please email us at sloaneandcasey@pursuegoodstuff.com.

pursue good stuff

...is a vision for a life well lived. That means different pursuits for each of us.

Sloane and I tied our professional kites together over 25 years ago. At the time, I was not even sure we understood what that would mean. But here we are 25 years later - creating, working and striving as a team.

Some people think we are twins, but we're not. Our personal pursuits are very different. Our approaches to our lives are unique.

It is difficult to explain how extraordinary it is to work in a business every day where our litmus test is: "Will this help us or others pursue good stuff?"

One of my visions for PURSUE GOOD STUFF is to enable people to find the right direction in their lives.

- Casey Simmons

Sloane and Casey working together in 1971

Sloane and Casey working together in 1971