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annual events

Live out loud!

We love parties, parades, neighborhood events, and a good cause. You are invited to join us at every event. So grab your calendar and save the dates....

Event Schedule - Mark Your Calendar

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Wings of Hope Brookside Art Annual Brookside St. Patrick's Warm Up Parade Trick or Treat Street

Wings of Hope

Brookside Art Annual

St. Pat's Parade

Trick or Treat Street

Nov 4-5, 2017

TBA for 2018

TBA for 2018

Oct. 31, 2017

Wings of Hope

Wings of Hope

Wings of Hope is STUFF's annual holiday open house event to raise awareness of breast cancer and raise funds for cancer research. Proceeds from this event are donated to The Susan Henke Miller Breast Cancer Research Fund at the KU Cancer Center.

Brookside Art Annual

STUFF is a DAILY art fair

Each spring, the Brookside Merchants Association hosts the Brookside Art Annual, one of the largest art fairs in Kansas City. We are happy to see people having a multitude of opportunities to appreciate art, and this is a great place to do it.

Brookside Art Annual

BKS Logo
visit brooksidekc.org

The art fair includes artists from all over the country, including many from right here in Kansas City. There's also food and drink from local restaurants, and kids' activities. STUFF proudly supports the Brookside art annual by introducing new artists and new offerings from existing artists during the event.

STUFF is open for extended hours during the art annual, so we're open every hour when the art fair is going on...and we stay open the rest of the year so that you can come in and see great art any time you want. That's what STUFF is all about!

St. Patrick's Day Warm-Up Parade

in Brookside

Brookside Saint Patrick's Day Warm-Up Parade

Since moving to Brookside in 2002, STUFF has participated in the Brookside "St. Patrick's Day Warm-Up Parade" by entering a float and proudly hooting and hollering to entertain the crowd.

In the past, we have received an honorable mention for our parade entry. In 2006, we tied for first place and won an entry in the big Kansas City St. Patty's Day parade downtown, where we embarrassed ourselves again for the merriment of others.

What will we do next?

Trick or Treat Street

in Brookside

Every Halloween, STUFF joins other Brookside merchants in hosting an extraordinary number of costumed guests for Trick or Treat Street.

It's so much fun it's scary.

Trick or Treat Street

This event is sponsored each year by the Brookside Merchants Association.

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community events

Community involvement keeps us grounded. Our roots will always be firmly planted in our local community.

As we grow taller and branch out, we will continue to feed our roots by staying connected to organizations with missions that enrich people's lives, protect our citizens, and reach deeper into the needs of all persons.

While we PURSUE GOOD STUFF in our own lives, we will continue to give our time, our money and our most sincere efforts to the pursuit of good stuff in our community and our wonderous world.

- Casey & Sloane

AIDS Walk Kansas City

Since 1997, Sloane and Casey have walked the walk in honor of those who are living in Kansas City with HIV/AIDS and for those who are no longer with us. We've made AIDS Walk a priority in our fundraising all year, every year.

Women's Employment Network

We are honored to have been involved with the Women's Employment Network luncheon for three years. As we know all too well, when you keep women employed, you empower entire families and the communities they live in.

AIDS Bicycle Challenge

From the inaugural bike ride in 2005, STUFF has been involved in this amazing community bike ride. We haven't missed a single day in the sun!