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we know how to be green . . . in full color!

Recycled Bags Mother Earth rocks!

All of our letterhead and envelopes are manufactured from recycled wood or fiber. 30% recycled post-consumer content. And they are certified with the Forest Stewardship Council.

Our gift wrap boxes are composed of 100% recycled content. 80% is post-consumer, and 50% of that is loose waste collected through curbside recycling. The last 20% is pre-consumer industrial trimmings. They are also 100% recyclable. And our tissue is 100% post-industrial fiber & GreenWayâ„¢ certified.

Recycling Boxes

Our shopping bags are 100% recycled, 95% post-consumer and 5% pre-consumer industrial waste. They are made in Tulsa, Oklahoma, following EPA guidelines.

Every box that is delivered to us via a shipping company is re-used in shipping items back out, or it's recycled in our cardboard-only dumpster.

Recycling paper and other stuff Recycling paper and other stuff

Every packing peanut that arrives is re-used one of two ways: several of our local artists pick them up for re-use in their studios OR we deliver them to our local UPS store for them to re-use.

Every sheet of bubble wrap is re-used in the store.

Recycling Bin

Our store is lit with compact fluorescent bulbs; 72 in the ceiling and 50+ in lamps.

The ceiling bulbs are from GE and put out 1100 lumens for only 23 watts. We place a date on them with a Sharpie when we install them, and we've had bulbs last 5 years!!

The light bulbs in our table lamps are 60-watt-equivalent bulbs, but they pull only 11 to 13 watts in actual usage.

We use this sticker on our re-used packaging...

Our compact fluorescent bulbs and aluminum foil are driven to the local recycling center when the bin gets full.

Our glass is trekked by foot up to the Ripple Glass recycling bin in our back alley.

Our paperboard, paper, and steel & aluminum cans are stored in bins in the basement, and then they're sent to curbside recycling.

Our scrap paper is walked across the street to the recycling bin at an elementary school. The school makes money based upon the weight of the bin.

Re-purposed Art Re-purposed Art

All of this pales in comparison to the green artists we represent who "re-purpose" items in their art. Artists we represent use a variety of items in their handcrafted art: plastic shopping bags, game pieces, reclaimed furniture, reclaimed wood, vintage metal containers, broken pottery, broken glass, vintage beads, vintage watch pieces, etc.

At stuff parties, we use "Greenware". Greenware drinking cups and lids are made from annually renewable corn that's grown in the USA. The bonus? They biodegrade completely.

We top it all off by using forks and spoons made from potato starch to pop delicious party foods into your body! The utensils are fully biodegradable in 6 months. We partner with Hoop Dog Studios, local artists that we represent, and in 6 months they are dirt again - in their organic gardens in mid-town Kansas City.

Being "green" at STUFF is full color . . . and full time.

pursue green stuff

As humans, we make choices that affect our planet every day. If you can read, watch TV, or listen to the radio, it has been made painfully clear what our Earth faces.

Casey and I have not only made being green a part of our business world - we've made it a part of who we are. When we travel for business, we have been known to bring recyclable items home in our luggage rather that leave them in hotel rooms where they wouldn't find their proper home in a recycle bin. (Several years ago, I was not happy with the recycling options in a small town in Colorado while on vacation with my family, and we packed several boxes of recyclable glass, plastic, alumimun and paper in our hybrid car and brought it back to Kansas City with us.)

Pursuing good stuff for our planet includes making some basic decisions: shopping at a locally owned store, not a national chain; shopping as much as you can at a local farmer's market instead of buying trucked-in produce at the grocery store; eating produce when it's in season, not when the craving occurs; purchasing organic local milk as much as possible, not just for special occasions.

We've learned that all of these choices make a difference in us as humans - on both the cellular level and the philosophical level. Little changes are easy to make, and we've found them easier to swallow and afford than big changes!

We've made being green part of our lifestyle, and it is a prevalent part of our culture - not only who we are, but what our business stands for. As we pursue good stuff daily, we look for items and causes that fulfill our responsibility as citizens of Mother Earth. Rest assured, we are pursuing good stuff for our planet as we develop and design items for our brand. To pursue good stuff once is to take the first step toward doing so always.

Join us.

- Sloane Simmons

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