a store named STUFF and the PURSUE GOOD STUFF lifestyle started in 1996...pursue good stuff today!

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Stealing ideas is really uncool. It's as simple at that. And it will get you in a heap of karmic trouble.

Our STUFF team works our collective fannies off to keep the creative energy going at our store. We go to a lot of effort and expense to come up with these ideas, including the party themes, our artwork, our merchadising style, our image...the works.

If you like our STUFF, visit our store and share our experience. There is an artist and creative genius inside everyone - we encourage you to find your own artistic voice.

STUFF, the STUFF hoop logo, the PURSUE GOOD STUFF brand, and every logo, invitation, original drawing, idea and creative property belong to STUFF, LC, and are protected by trademark and copyright laws. You may NOT reproduce, copy, and/or modify our ideas in any manner without the express written consent of STUFF, LC.

Play fair. Keep your karma clean. And keep your grubby paws off our cool stuff.

Casey and Sloane


Sharpies rock! All the original drawings on our webpage were created with a Sharpie in hand. We really, really, really wish we had invented the Sharpie. But, we didn't. Sharpie is a registered trademark of Sanford. So don't go stealing their ideas either. We endorse this wonderful product that has helped to make our lives and our website so happy. Thank you, Sanford!

Sharpie Art

Sharpie Art